REIZBABY Glass 80ml Feeding Bottle


The REIZBABY Glass Feeding Bottle is made of temperature-resistant glass. As a result, the bottle can be heated in the microwave or bottle warmer, cooled down quickly, cleaned in the dishwasher, and sterilised at high temperature. Simple and safe to use to make everyday baby life easier.

Key Features:

  • No expiry date like plastic
  • Latex Free, Nitrosamine Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free
  • Safe and highly temperature-resistant
  • Easy switch between breastfeeding and bottle
  • Suitable from birth
  • Medium flow teat
  • Premium Glass

Safety First

  1. Check all components before each use and throw away at the first sign of weakness, cracks or glass fragments inside and outside the bottle.
  2. Sudden temperature changes can cause glass bottles to crack of break.
  3. Clean before first and each use.
  4. Before first use place all components separately in boiling water for 4 minutes. This is to ensure hygiene.
  5. Do not leave glass bottles in boiling water unattended as glass can be damaged through uncontrolled impact with the pot or other glass components. 
  6. We recommend boiling the glass body separately.
  7. To ensure proper cleaning/sterilising all bottle parts MUST be disassembled.
  8. Cleaning/sterilising while assembled can damage the bottle itself or the plastic components. 
  9. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or any metal utensils for cleaning or stirring contents. This can damage the glass. Only use soft bristle brushes or soft sponges should be used to avoid damaging the glass.
  10. Dishwasher safe on top dishwasher rack (max. 65c) but food colourings may discolour plastic components.
  11. Sterilise using one of the following methods: steam sterilising (electric or microwave according to manufacturer’s instructions), boiling in water for at least 5 minutes or liquid sterilising solution.
  12. Clean the bottle thoroughly before sterilising.
  13. Do not place glass bottle on the top rack of the steriliser as the weight of the bottle could deform the rack.
  14. Do not leave single bottle parts in direct sunlight or heat, or leave in sterilising solution for longer than recommended, as this may affect the product function.
  15. Remove the protective cap and teat before heating, especially before microwave and bottle warmer heating.
  16. The bottle is made of natural glass which is hygienic, easy to clean and relatively fragile. Avoid putting heavy pressure on it, as the glass bottle could break.
  17. Do not use pin or sharp object to enlarge the feeding hole.
  18. Use sugar free food or liquids only.
  19. When first used and sometimes for later usages, the slit in the ventilation (the raised, slit bubble on the underside of the teat base) can stick together, therefore not allowing air to enter the bottle during feeding and as a result, the teat collapsing. Slowly brush over the bubble (ventilation) a few times with your thumb or fingers to re-open the slit.
  20. Do not let children feed themselves with a glass bottle. Do not let children walk with a glass bottle.
  21. Do not put your baby to bed with bottle. Prolonged contact with liquids may cause severe tooth decay.
  22. Insert teat into top of bottle screw ring until you hear a ‘click’.

Heating Instructions:

  1. NEVER pour boiling water into the bottle.
  2. NEVER heat or cool a sealed bottle.Stir thoroughly with plastic or soft spoon after heating to evenly distribute heat. Allow the standing time recommended by the microwave manufacturer and test the temperature before serving.
  3. Beware of very hot glass body after heating.


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