Naturalbabaa loves nature

FSC-Certified Toys 

Currently around  50% of our wooden toys come from partners that use sustainable forrester wood.  And are FSC certified. The FSC label means that the wood used to produce these toys are from a sustainable wood forest.

Postage and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Naturalbabaa Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our overall aim is a sustainable planet for future generations. One area we are making improvements to this is our brand packaging. At Naturalbabaa, we use nature-friendly packaging alternatives. The use of paper fillers has been an eco-friendly alternative we use instead of the plastic bubble wrap when we wrap your packages. We have also improved our shipping bags by using biodegradable poly mailing bags. As an environmentally conscientious business we try our very best to reduce the packaging and keep the use of plastic packaging to a minimum where possible. 

Gift Wrapping

If it’s a gift, we are offering free gift packaging.  We are offering a gift-wrapping service for orders placed on our site, If you want gift-wrapping for your order, please let us know by contacting to request wrapping before it is dispatched.

Sharing the Love with Communities

We always aim to  partner with suppliers that have a conscious community ethos. We encourage everyone to live up to the same advocacy of enhancing communities through cultivating sustainable living. Together, we can pursue an eco-ethical ethos.