To nurture a safe place for parents to discover natural children products by bringing together eco-friendly suitable items for babies, toddlers & kids. 

The inspiration for everything we do as a brand started when I became a mother in early 2016. I wanted to use products that were as close to natural as possible. We understand the worry of most parents is for the safety and well-being of their Child. Our little ones are delicate, whatever you give them will likely end up in their mouth. It can be a daunting experience for first-time parents. With that being said, it is my desire to help bring together products made from natural materials. Naturalbabaa is a family run business that commits to providing products with zero nasties.


Our Products

The importance of choosing non-toxic products doesn’t always resonate with some who see that organic products are too costly. Fortunately, our offerings are of good value. It is our hope as a brand to add values that link us to family, community, and the environment. Our curated collections includes stylish baby essentials and interactive early years developmental toys that kids will surely love and carers would approve of.

Our Values

As Naturalbabaa continues to grow. Our values will always remain the same; kindness, quality, and sustainability. With this in mind, you can choose toys , muslins  and more that are both kinder to the health of your child whilst being kinder to the environment.

Being Kind. We believe in the connection between child and family. Thats why we love suppling age-appropriate toys that will enhance these memorable moments. 

Environmental Sustainability and Responsibility. We must leave a clean world for all children to grow up in and a part of that translate  to making sure our packaging and toys are eco friendly, recyclable or biodegradable. As every purchase is important to us, we grow in step with sustainability at our core. Naturalbabaa loves Green 

Quality. Our customers are very much at the centre of what we do and we pay close attention to every product we select for our store.  We believe in quality first especially for our little Xena and Hercules warriors. 

We hope you like our store, and if you have any question about any of our products don’t hesitate to contact us.