What is a baby muslin?

As soon as friends and colleagues would announce they are having a baby 🤩  their follow-up question is usually, what’s a muslin? And I suppose what they really mean is how do you use one? 

👶🏽 So what exactly is a baby muslin ?

Baby muslin squares

Muslin are a cotton fabric of plain weave, made in a wide range of delicate to coarse sheeting. For the use of babies, muslins fabrics are known for their soft and light, and breathable material. Muslins are not some new-age passing trend. They were discovered by Europeans as early as 1298 from the Middle East but now thought to have originated from Bangladesh. By the 17th century, muslin had started to become introduced into Europe and used for petticoats, aprons, medical gauze, and more.

🧷 12 creative ways to use your baby muslin 

Grey baby muslin swaddle
Baby muslins tend to come in two typical sizes, muslin squares, and muslin blanket or also known as swaddle muslin. Loved by so many parents for not only its multi-purpose uses but also because it seems to become softer with every use. If I could buy only a few things for my newborn baby, muslin clothes would certainly be in my top 5 selection, and here’s why.

  1. Burp cloth
  2. Breastfeeding cover
  3. Bib
  4. Swaddling
  5. Pram cover
  6. Flat sheet
  7. Car seat cover
  8. Scarf (ready for when baby spits up)
  9. Cloth nappy
  10. Wiping little faces
  11.  Baby carrier sling
  12. Baby comforter

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Did I miss any other creative ways on how to use a muslin? Please let us know below.

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