How to Teach Your Baby to Read Plus FREE Flashcards

Most new parents are surprised to learn that they can teach a baby to read. Baby learning begins from birth and little ones indeed can start learning how to read at 3 months of age. Babies can learn different languages too, and perhaps they’re too small to wield a pencil at this point, but the idea of baby reading isn’t farfetched.

🤯 Why Teach Your Baby to Read? 

If you teach baby to read in these tender early months, you’ll give them a distinct advantage. Brain development happens very rapidly in the first year, especially in the first few months of life. They’re like little sponges eagerly awaiting new information.

During this time period, baby reading can happen when you introduce new skills. They will pick them up quickly and the more you stimulate your baby’s mind, the stronger those connections, known as synapses, become in the brain. 

But how is this possible? Surely, a baby can’t just crawl by, pick up a novel, and begin reading, can she? Not exactly, though babies can learn to recognize sight words and will be better prepared when they head off to school.

If you teach a baby to read now, it’s highly likely she will know how to read at a more advanced level once she enters preschool.

💡 3 Ways to Teach Baby to Read

Every parent wants to raise the next genius. You can give your child a step up with these baby learning activities.
  1. 📖 Read to your baby 

One of the first things you can do is read stories to your baby. Choose colorful picture books where you can point out words and corresponding pictures. If you’re still waiting to deliver your baby, you can always start reading to the baby while she’s still in the womb.
  1. Engage with wooden baby toys 

Wooden baby toys offer a unique chance for babies to get hands-on experiences. These can be moveable toys like cars or puzzles with fitted pieces and words. There are so many wooden baby toys constructed the traditional way for Montessori-based learning that are far superior to electronic options. Plus, they’ll last for generations to come!
  1. 🤓 Whip out the flashcards 

If you want to get baby reading, use flashcards. Repetition is the key as they will soon be ready for phonics from there. Because babies are developing so quickly at this stage, you’ll have a baby reading in your home in no time!

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