How to Inspire Pretend Play by Age

Sooner or later, every child pretends they’re a pirate, princess, robot, chef, master-craftsman, mom, and more. Role-playing and make-believe are essential for exploring creativity in children. Sometimes it’s about recreating the real world and other times, it’s purely fantasy. Either way, this for of child’s play is very beneficial to your children which means you should help inspire pretend play by age.

Benefits of Pretend Play by Age

Naturally, pretend play promotes creativity. Children are very imaginative and need some space, time, and encouragement from you to live their make-believe dreams. This type of play lets kids reflect what they have learned thus far in the world. It also helps bring cooperation and conflict resolution skills to the forefront.

Children can engage in pretend play by age alone or with siblings, friends, or even you too. The benefits when you pretend play along with your children can help you remember to have fun, laugh, and simply enjoy the moment, something many adults need to do.

Tips to Inspire Pretend Play by Age

There are many different toys that inspire pretend play by age group. The earlier your child starts, the better it will be. Here’s what you can do to help them imagine and play!

- Let them play alone and with others too

Imaginative play time should be encouraged when children are alone so they can explore their own thoughts and ideas. They should also be encouraged to do so with friends, siblings, and their parents. In this way, they learn important social and emotional skills.

- Kids should lead

If your child has invited you to play “supermarket” with them, just go with it. Let them take the lead. Have fun with it and let your child run with their ideas. It’s exciting to see what kids come up with.

- Don’t be hung up on instructions

Unless toys are being used in an unsafe fashion, don’t dictate how they should be used. Kids will often take things from one set and pair it with another and come up with new ways to play. The scenarios they can create are often impressive and a way to fuel ideas and creativity which is exactly what you want with pretend play.

Toy Suggestions for Pretend Play by Age

Not sure what to get your child to encourage pretend play? Generally around toddlerhood, kids are ready to explore and run wild with their imaginations. This Kids Wooden Play Pretend Shop is ideal for pretend play for ages 3 and up. It can be filled with toy food, stuffed animals, or anything your child wishes.

Get things cooking with this Compact Children’s Play Kitchen, also made of wood and for ages 3 and up. They’ll certainly cook up plenty of imagination. With Naturalbabaa™, you’ll find quality wooden toys for pretend play by age that will last for years to come and bring imaginative play into your home with ease!


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