Have a Drooling Baby? Signs That Your Baby is Teething

👶🏼 How do you know if your baby is teething? Somewhere between four to seven months, you’ll notice that your baby is drooling more than usual, being cranky, or crying a lot. Your baby might even chew or gnaw any objects within reach.

👶🏼Take a look and you’ll likely see that the gums look red and swollen. It’s a sign that a new tooth is starting to come in. You might even be able to see it poking out!

👶🏼Teething is an exciting milestone that babies experience. However, some cases show that it may appear earlier or later with the first tooth fully exposed between six and 12 months. Around this stage, your little one will begin exploring the world with their mouth and have increased saliva. 

👶🏼One obvious sign is that they start placing their hands in their mouth. It can be a challenging time for the baby and you as it may result in sleepless nights. But things get easier with time. As a mum, you can help your child chew and bite nutritious food for healthy development. It’s important to remember how important caring for their teeth is. You can start them young when taking care of their teeth. If your little one is experiencing teething discomfort, know that the discomfort is a fleeting feeling.

👶🏼Massaging their sore gums or offering something cold can help soothe the baby’s teething pain. Even better, grab some teething toys to give your baby something safe to chew on.

Fortunately, Naturalbabaa has just what you need to help your baby through this teething time. These items are all crafted from natural and safe items without any BPAs or nasty chemicals.

Baby teethers from naturalbabaa

1. Wooden Double Loop Bead Teether

Smooth wooden rings hold together silicone beads which are safe, durable, and easy to clean. Plus, they bring great relief for sore and tender gums.

2. Mini Moon Rattle Taf Toy

Baby will be over the moon with this rattle and teether combo that is a fun way to get teething relief.

3. Kimmy Koala Rattle Taf Toy

This cute koala doubles as a teether and rattle toy too, providing a great distraction from teething pain.

4. Cloud Rattle Taf Toy

Sweeter dreams lie ahead with this plush cloud rattle full of colors and excitement!

5. Natural Rubber Elephant and Rattle Teether

Help baby with motor skills and gum discomfort. The adorable elephant calms them for a multi-sensory experience, even in the tub!

6. Natural Rubber Octopus Teether and Rattle

There’s also an octopus made from soft natural rubber with textured surfaces that make teething pains a thing of the past.

7. Natural Rubber Lion Baby Teether

Our natural rubber lion also brings teething relief in a super-fun way in and out of the tub.

8. Natural Rubber Crab Baby Teether

Go ahead and laugh at the irony of giving a natural rubber crab to a crabby, teething baby. Soon, your little sweetheart will feel loads better after chomping on their new toy companion.

Choose these for your teething baby to help keep the peace in your home. They also make a great gift for any new parents you know with cranky, teething babies!

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