Discover a Natural Remedy to Avoid Nappy Rash

At some point, every new mum encounters a nappy rash with her baby or toddler. You may notice red patches or an entirely red bum when you remove the nappy. There may even be bumps that resemble pimples or blisters!

Fortunately, in mild cases, your baby won’t feel too sore with nappy rash. But if it gets severe, it may be the reason why your little one has been crankier than usual. While it will generally happen to you at least once, it’s ideal to avoid nappies altogether. After all, no one wants a cranky baby!

At Naturalbabaa™ , we encourage you to read the advice from NHS about treating severe nappy rash though we offer you 5 natural ways to avoid it in the first place.
  1. Change the nappy often

Just because your baby seems content doesn’t mean they’re not sitting in wee. Some won’t even make a peep if they’re sitting in poo either. Be sure to check that nappy and make sure to change it promptly.
  1. Prevent irritation

Choose nappies and clothing that are gentle on baby’s skin. Using a baby muslin on the outside can keep friction away while allowing breathability to your baby’s skin.
  1. Keep things clean

While babies might not need a bath every day, a top and tail can ensure your little one doesn’t have crusty buildup on and around the bum. We recently posted grooming tips and we hope you’ll use those along with a muslin square to help your baby stay clean and comfy.
  1. Pay attention to the products you use

Even though there are skincare products made for babies, some of these might irritate tender baby skin. It may even be caused by alcohol-based wipes, which can dry out skin, leading to irritation. If you notice a rash break out after using these products, discontinue at once and ask your doctor for recommendations.
  1. Keep the bum area dry

After cleaning, dry your baby gently without rubbing. You can lie your baby on a baby muslin or muslin swaddle to let fresh air circulate around their skin. Even after you dress your baby, a muslin swaddle is very breathable, allowing plenty of air to circulate and prevent irritations of the skin.

With natural nappy remedies like these and a baby muslin, you’ll be keeping baby more comfortable and happy. At Naturalbabaa™ , we have plenty of muslin squares and muslin swaddle blankets designed for comfort while having the look you want in colour and style.

Muslin is an excellent choice as new mums soon learn because it is very breathable and helps regulate body temperature. By using a baby muslin, you can help prevent nappy rash and have a happier baby.

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