6 Baby Grooming Tips All New Mums and Daddy’s Need to Know

Nothing smells as sweet as a new baby. Well, until that baby needs a bit of a tidy up, right? Not to worry though as these baby grooming tips will have your little bundle of joy smelling fresh and lovely again soon.

At NaturalBabaa™ , we encourage you to check out the full spectrum of important safety tips about bathing and grooming your baby from NHS to prevent any danger.

  1. Try to groom when baby is wakeful and happy

Sometimes, a big nappy explosion may mandate an urgent cleaning. But if there’s no big mess, you can top and tail or go for a regular bath. When there’s no urgency, wait until baby is awake and seems content for this ritual.
  1. Keep the room warm

Cold air is a rude awakening for any baby. Set the room to a warm temperature to ensure baby’s comfort.
  1. Get all the things you need ready

It will take some practice, but you will eventually get everything you need in one fell swoop. Grab a fresh nappy, a towel, washcloth, clean clothes, and a baby muslin to wrap baby with for extra warmth and comfort.
  1. Use a thermometer to check the water temperature

Bath water for babies should be at 38C, deemed safe by doctors for top and tail or bathing your baby. Too cold and you’ll upset baby while too hot can lead to serious injury. A bath thermometer can help you set things just right.
  1. Never leave baby unattended in or near water

Even a baby that can sit up on their own should never be out of your immediate reach in the tub. Everything else can wait, and yes, that even means if you forgot the clothes in the other room. You can take baby with you to get it by using a cosy muslin square for warmth.
  1. Wrap your baby up with love

After you’ve cleaned your baby, be sure to use a muslin swaddle. Wrapped up in a nice bundle, your baby will feel happy once again.
Keep your baby happy any time and perfectly comfortable too with baby muslin. In muslin squares and muslin swaddle styles, NaturalBabaa™ has plenty to choose from in colours and styles. This special material is ideal for regulating body temperature as well as allowing for more breathability. Plus, you can use them for much more than baby grooming. From burp clothes to nursing covers and everything in between, this gentle fabric is a perfect choice for any baby.

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